She Sent This Message Back Through Time To Teach Us The Secret To Happiness

This short story is great for;

  • people who want to increase their own happiness
  • people who are looking for a sense of purpose
  • people who are worried about their future

I’m writing to you from the year 2102, but you don’t need to get distracted by whether that’s even possible because my message transcends time. If you are reading this, I know you want to be happier. Maybe I can help.

Here in the future, technology has progressed in a way that would be hard for me to explain to you, but people are more unhappy than ever. You can probably tell that many people around you are not happy, but can you tell that it is getting worse?

People are so plugged into technology in my time that I don’t think it can be fixed unless things can be changed in the past.?Nothing is going to get better if people from your time don’t learn the secret to happiness. I’ve already lost two of my family members to suicide and what I’ve been through is not unique. It’s happening everywhere.

My sister, brother, and I, were connected in ways you cannot imagine, using super computers, virtual reality, and things I can’t even explain, yet our hearts and minds could not have been further apart. I couldn’t help them, but maybe I can help people in your time. The problem started around the time you live in, which is why I’m sending this message to you.

Suicide and depression are increasing in your time because technology is rewiring people’s minds. Technology is making people more focused on other people’s lives and distracting them from their own. People feel like they aren’t happy and they can sense the same is true for those around them. They are all chasing happiness and want to know what the secret to achieving happiness is.

The secret my friend, is that there is no secret. We all want to search for that one thing that will make us happy. We hope to find that one piece of advice, that one lesson, that will change everything. But happiness is not simple because it is not static. It is constantly changing because we constantly change.

The reason there is no secret to happiness is because we simply cannot be happy all the time. Since what brings you happiness is constantly changing, chasing happiness will always result in occasional failure because we are human and no human gets everything right. Looking for that one secret thing that you will make you happy is an impossible mission.

But that’s what technology is causing people to do. Technology is convincing people that there is a secret to happiness because the people they see online seem to be so happy. But that is an illusion.

It wasn’t as bad in the past because we didn’t have as much technology and our entertainment was limited to television sets or books. But now you have devices with you 24/7 that are mainly designed to deliver you doses of happiness. They let you see what other people are doing 24/7 and they all seem to be very, very happy. But what people show online is less than a 1% of their lives and its only the good parts.

The future will be even more overwhelming, even though you can already access an unlimited amount of entertainment and you can also consume that entertainment for as long as you want. You can contact people instantly and you can check up on what they are doing by looking at their social media.

We know that we won’t be happy if we eat too much fast food because we will become unhealthy. We know that we should avoid bad relationships because they can ruin our lives. But why haven’t we realized that we need to limit our use of technology?

You might be thinking that the secret then is to give up technology to achieve more happiness in your life, but that is slipping back into the same mindset of believing there is a secret to happiness. You cannot fully give up technology because it also adds a lot of happiness to our lives.

That’s why my message transcends time and that I’m not worried about whether you believe I really am from the future. What I’m trying to say is that there is no secret to happiness because happiness is not that simple. It is something you have to work towards, but a big part of that requires acceptance of the fact that we cannot always be happy. Happiness is more of a seed that grows into a tree. It takes time and care.

I can’t get my brother or sister back. They died because they were chasing the secret to happiness. They wanted something easy, Instead of taking the time to find a good seed to their happiness and giving it time to grow.

I hope that this can help you find a way to grow your tree of happiness. I hope that you can then help others grow their trees. I hope this message can be a branch of your happiness.

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