Victorian Era Crystal Butterfly Pendant Necklace of Freedom

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You deserve to have everyone around you treat you with respect, including family. Unfortunately there are people who abuse the special connection we have with family and use it to get away with treating us poorly.

Family members should be held to a similar standard that you treat the rest of the world. You would not tolerate strangers treating you badly, so why should you let family do the same? One of the ingredients for emotional freedom is keeping people who treat you badly out of your life.

The beauty of a free flying butterfly is the perfect representation of this concept and this necklace can help remind you of it. You can read about the short story connected to this necklace here, called “On The Night Of Her Victorian Ball, She Realized Who To Remove From Her Life

  • Light weight & intricate design
  • Helps Stories N Things keep making new stories!
  • A great gift for someone who needs to be free
  • Ships via USPS Priority Mail!
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