Mysterious Mid-Victorian Era Rose Ring of Understanding Fear

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Some of our fears are easy to link back to a single moment, such as a time we were in danger or embarrassed. The ones that are more difficult are the ones taught to us over time by other people, including society. Part of what makes them difficult to identify is that they aren’t even based on anything real.

If the fear was based on something real, you would be able to identify the memories where you learned it. That should give you a clue about where to look when trying to understand why you are afraid of doing something, but you cannot link the fear back to a specific memory. If it is not linked to a memory, it probably comes from someone you spent a lot of time with, who also had influence over you.

It’s hard to remember to keep working to understand why you feel and think certain ways, so you can use this ring as a physical reminder of this lesson. Read the short story connected to this ring here, called “The Mysterious Victorian Mansion Where He Learned How To Be His Own Person

  • Available in sizes 5-10
  • Solid weight & intricate design
  • Helps keep all stories here on totally free
  • A great gift for someone in need of compassion & a great way to teach them its power
  • Ships via USPS Priority Mail!
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