Mid-Victorian Era Rose Gold Flower Ring of Compassion

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Compassion and kindness are some of the most powerful forces that can defeat negative feelings like anxiety. A lot of social anxiety can be cured using kindness because the anxiety comes from the uncertainty in dealing with other people and the fear of not doing things right.

It is hard to feel anxious and like you are doing something wrong when a stranger shows you kindness. Receiving and giving compassion starts with yourself. Start by being more kind to yourself and treat yourself the way you deserve. It is okay to say nice things to yourself instead of engaging in negative self talk.

It is hard to remember these magical secrets to life and happiness, so you can use this ring as a physical reminder of this lesson. Never forget the power of compassion that is always with you. Read more about the short story connected this ring here, called “The Woman Who Ruined People’s Day, But Learned How To Defeat Anxiety

  • Available in sizes 6-12
  • Solid weight & intricate design
  • Helps keep all stories here on storiesnthings.com totally free
  • A great gift for someone in need of compassion & a great way to teach them its power
  • Ships via USPS Priority Mail!
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