Mermaid Queen’s Tiger Stone Pendant Necklace

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Long ago, a goddess of magic had dark powers she could not control. Anytime she became worried, she would unleash dark magic that would hurt everyone around her.

Using a magical ritual, she poured all of her dark power into a beautiful black stone, which formed a pendant with bright spirals of solid magic around it.

The goddess feared someone could use the necklace for evil if they found it, so she traveled deep underwater to live out the rest of her days and keep the power of the necklace secret.

With her dark powers contained in the necklace, she was able to use her pure magic to build a city of wonder. Every fish she touched turned into a beautiful mermaid and she became their beloved queen.

One day, her sister betrayed her and stole the necklace. She became an evil queen and could not contain the power of the necklace. The power of the necklace destroyed the mermaid’s home.

It has not been seen since.

Tiger’s Stone is said to help you to release fear and anxiety to instead bring you harmony and balance. It also looks great as the center piece of this gorgeous and handmade necklace. Each piece is slowly hand made to perfection with this exclusive and unique design. The curves and curls of this pendant catch people’s eyes and their curiosity.

    • Each necklace is hand crafted and 1/1, no two pieces are 100% the same!
    • Comes with a fully adjustable and comfortable necklace cord
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