Grand Period Victorian Era Black Mechanical Pocket Watch of Expectations

$24.95 $19.90

We all have our own desires and interests and want the people around us to enjoy them with us. But it is easy to forget that everyone else has their own desires and interests too and they rarely perfectly match up to ours.

Failing to recognize this leads to discomfort because if you assume someone wants what you want, you will develop expectations for them that they will never fill. Setting unreasonable expectations for people comes from failing to see the world beyond our own point of view and reality.

Few things bring us back to reality than time itself. It is one of the most objective things there is. This pocket watch can help you remember to consider reality and not set unreasonable expectations for the people in your life. Read more about the short story connected this watch here, called “A Train Ride Home Where He Learned How To Keep His Family From Making Him Feel Bad

  • Fully mechanical watch (requires daily winding)
  • Solid weight & intricate design
  • Helps Stories N Things keep making new stories!
  • Ships via USPS Priority Mail!
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