Fantastic Victorian Era Style Harry Potter House Dresses & Where To Find Them

The Harry Potter universe and films obviously draw a lot of inspiration from the Victorian Era because of its timeless beauty. We found some gorgeous dress that would be a great representation of each of the fabled Wizarding Houses from Hogwarts School. Please note that the Houses are ordered alphabetically and not by our preference!

Gryffindor Victorian Style Dresses

1.) This amazing dress from Victorian Choice is reasonably priced and mixes a school uniform feel with a classic Victorian feel. It really looks like something straight off a Harry Potter ballroom set.

2.) Another beautiful dress from Victorian Choice that is perfect for warmer weather. It is a beautiful combination of velvety dark red and soft white that would be perfect for a Gryffindor cosplay.

Hufflepuff Victorian Style Dresses

1.) This dress is nice and intricate and the mix of white allows the wearer to pull off yellow well. Based on the pictures, accessories go really well with this dress. It doesn’t come cheap but it’s beautiful!

2.) This dress is fairly affordable and nice and bright with Hufflepuff colors. With the right accessories, this could be a really unique outfit or costume.

3.) Created by nik2710, but unfortunately not for sale, this is probably the best yellow themed Victorian dress we’ve ever seen. While not strictly historically accurate, we think this dress serves as amazing inspiration for your own creations.

Ravenclaw Victorian Style Dresses

1.) This very interesting and fun dress from lightinthebox feature all the colors of Ravenclaw house and is priced pretty fairly.

2.) Another gorgeous dress from Victorian Choice that’s on the darker side, but so is the Raven in Ravenclaw’s House emblem.

Slytherin Victorian Style Dresses

1.) Although technically a Southern Belle Old West Saloon Gown, this dress has that perfect shade of Slytherin green with that Slytherin attitude.

2.) Another fun dress with a lot of attitude, we love the floral patterns in black that give this dress a perfect hint of devious nature.

We hope you enjoyed this post! Feel free to share any dress that reminds you of Harry Potter.

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